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About Fran

Fran Taylor started selling cars in his mid 20′s with one of the top Toyota and Jeep dealerships in the Mid-Atlantic region . With his enthusiastic fervor Fran was salesman of the month from the start and was consistently salesman of the year, often selling more than 50 units a month.  After getting the attention of executives at Toyota, Fran was hired by Toyota of Canada to teach

Training Services

Fran Taylor Techniques Training is available through a number of channels. The preferred method is to attend one of Fran's in-person sessions whether in your dealership or at one of the regional training sessions which often feature some of the sales professionals that have built a strong book of business and have attained that elusive 30 vehicles a month goal.

Books & Materials

Selling From The Heart:  My book will tell you how to make a hundred thousand dollars a year or more selling cars. In the book I give exact details of what I have personally done to sell 50+ cars a month in less than two years. Main topics in the book include: Goal Setting, Prospecting, Daily Routines, Steps of the Sale, Closing Deals, Phone Techniques, and much more. I have

March 12, 2014: Learn to Sell 30 Cars or More Every Month Register Soon!
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