About Fran Taylor

Hyper Focused on Sales Success

My Early Years  

When I was just three days, my mother gave me up for adoption to my grandmother. At about 6 years old, I remember that the house we lived in was just 25 x 30 feet, with no heat and no water inside. When I was about 10 or 12 years old, we moved to a two-story house, but again it had no heat and no water inside.

I left home in the 10th grade because of a drunken and abusive stepfather and became the biggest bum in the world, hanging around with people just like me. I then spent years traveling around the United Sates and looking for something different.

fran-taylor-best-auto-sales-trainerMy Big Break

Then I met a car guy, a dealer who changed my life. He said, “Come on kid, and I will help you sell cars.” I had no car, few clothes and no money. The owner bought me clothes, but all the other salesmen laughed at me when I started except for one guy – My GM. He took me under his wing.

I had a burning desire to never again to feel broke, poor and living a terrible life based on my economic situation. I made a decision to do everything I was taught without any second thoughts, put my nose to the grindstone and get to work. I also decided to stay away from the negative influences on the sales floor and give it all I had.

My first month, I became the number one salesmen at the number one Toyota dealership in the Mid-Atlantic region. Within 30 days, I went from walking to driving a new Supra, making 12k per year (which was a lot of money back then), and getting my own apartment. In a little over 2 years, I went from selling 23 vehicles to selling 53 vehicles per month. Suddenly, I was no longer penniless and had a bright future ahead of me.

How I Achieved Success as a Salesperson

I paid attention to the top salesmen at my dealership. All sent out about 20 mailers every day and made 30 calls a day. I decided to beat their numbers – so I would send out 40 mailers and make 50 calls a day. Few had prospecting tools but the ones that did were at the top of the sales leader board. So I decided to get at least 10 tools to start. My goal was to make money while I was sleeping and live on repeat sales and referrals.

I also noticed that all the best salesmen sent out birthday cards to their customers. I made a decision to send cards to the whole family not just the buyer. Then I called everyone to whom I mailed a card. In addition, I really concentrated on the steps of the sale and tried to outperform my fellow salesmen. I took prospective customers on long demos, for example, so I had time to explain the car’s features and benefits and build a relationship. I introduced all my potential buyers to the service department, which is ultimately the key to repeat sales.

Training Others to Reach New Heights

Based on my own success as a salesman, I started training other salesmen in 1986. I wanted to teach them just how easy it is to sell 30 plus cars a month by using the tools and strategies I had discovered and applied over the years. I knew that if they worked hard and followed my advice they too could start from nothing and end up owning real estate, having race horses and traveling the world.

It really worked. Several of my trainees have become millionaires by following my recommendations.  Here are a few examples of individuals and dealerships I have helped achieve remarkable goals:

  • Doug Hillyars delivered over 400 cars his first year as a rookie.
  • Dave Kelley sold 46 vehicles in a month, in a town of 4500 people.
  • When I started working with the dealership, Sutliff Chevrolet was rated 256 in the USA for certified used cars. 20 months later they were number one in the USA.
  • Matt Lewis at Lewis Ford had several reps go from 17 cars a month to 35 or more by doing more prospecting. In March they set another all-time record.

It is rewarding and fun to teach someone who wants to learn how easy it is to sell 30 cars a month. That’s why I am committed to sharing my secrets of success with others who are just starting out and with those who want to significantly increase their sales and income like I did.


Sales Training at Your Dealership 

3 Days to Start

9:00am-NOON: Training with half of the staff.


2:00pm-5:00pm: Training with the other half of the staff.

  •  Goal Setting and Investing In Yourself with Prospecting Tools
  •  Mastering The Steps Of The Sale
  •  Phone Techniques
  •  Daily Routine-How To Sell A Car A Day
  •  Holiday Gross
  •  Delivery Checklist-Make An Extra $10,000.00-$20,000.00
  •  Fun Room-Morning Meetings

If your dealership would like to have Fran Taylor conduct training sessions at your dealership, please call him directly at (717) 232-0494 or use the contact form on this website.