About Fran

About Fran Taylor

Hyper Focused on Sales Success

Fran Taylor started selling cars in his mid 20’s with one of the top Toyota and Jeep dealerships in the Mid-Atlantic region. With his enthusiastic fervor Fran was salesman of the month from the start and was consistently salesman of the year, often Fran-Taylor-BioPHotoselling more than 50 units a month.  After getting the attention of executives at Toyota, Fran was hired by Toyota of Canada to teach his selling skills all across Canada and has worked with some of the biggest dealers in the USA.
Fran has helped many dealers double or even triple their sales. He has helped some become number one in the USA. He has had and continues to have a major impact on auto retail sales professionals and their sales results.  Some of these professionals have achieved great results and one of them sold 386 cars their first year in the business (that’s an average of 32+ cars a month).

What makes Fran a powerful trainer, is his knowledge that the tactics, strategies, and techniques he shares in his training actually work, because he used them to create his own success during his sales career.

With Taylor Techniques systems Fran has helped dealers make millions in additional profits after their team members completed the training.

Fran has helped sales people go from 15 units to 40+ unit sales a month.  It’s often a case of helping the best become better.

Again, dealers can double or triple their income in less than 20 months.



Sales Training at Your Dealership 

3 Days to Start

9:00am-NOON: Training with half of the staff.


2:00pm-5:00pm: Training with the other half of the staff.

  •  Goal Setting and Investing In Yourself with Prospecting Tools
  •  Mastering The Steps Of The Sale
  •  Phone Techniques
  •  Daily Routine-How To Sell A Car A Day
  •  Holiday Gross
  •  Delivery Checklist-Make An Extra $10,000.00-$20,000.00
  •  Fun Room-Morning Meetings

If your dealership would like to have Fran Taylor conduct training sessions at your dealership, please call him directly at (717) 232-0494 or use the contact form on this website.