Training Services

Fran-Taylor-SpeakingAre your sales people selling 50 cars a month like Fran Taylor did?

Most people know how to sell cars but they don’t have enough customers. I will show you how to get more customers from prospecting techniques.

Most dealerships advertise for new customers and don’t really concentrate on their sold customers. Here is where the big money is, and I am a specialist at that. Dealers are forced to spend money on advertising that is not guaranteed to work. Our prospecting is guaranteed to make you money while you are sleeping.

I’ve taken thousands of people on Demos, Service Walks, Walk-Arounds, helped them make phone calls, and most important- take them out and show them how to prospect.

That’s why you are guaranteed results with hands on training. Dealerships don’t mind spending money but their biggest fear is to have it all disappear in 90 days.

You could have someone else training your sales force that never sold big numbers, been a manager or GM, and trust and expect them to give you accurate information and results you deserve. That is simply not us.

I will show your sales staff how to spend one dollar per customer and have both the dealership’s name and sales reps name seen over a million times a year.

Fran-Taylor-TrainingSessionI’m known as the King of Prospecting and will share with you how I sold 50+ cars a month in a little over two years with this prospecting training. My goal setting will teach your sales reps how to invest in themselves and build a business within a business like I did. The goal setting alone will change the attitude of your staff and the profit of your dealership, because customers will be coming to you, instead of you advertising to them.

I will show you how to spend 30k over a 20 month period and guarantee you $250,000 back for every 10 sales reps you have. When’s the last time you as a dealer spent 30k and got that kind of ROI? Your turnover will slow down, your close ratio will go up, your grosses will increase, and most of all you will be more profitable.

This isn’t a secret, the secret is to have someone show you how, and most managers aren’t taught this. If you know you need help in these areas, act now. How much are you losing by not calling? I’d be willing to do a free conference call with you and your staff to share some of these techniques.

I’ve written more success stories from our training in Auto Success Magazine than any other trainer. Want proof of the results of our training? I don’t sign contracts, and I guarantee if you don’t learn anything NEW by the end of our first day of training- there is absolutely no cost to you. Don’t wait til the last minute and book our training, because we are booked well in advance. If you are serious about making more money, and not spending a lot, then you need to call me as soon as possible. Call now or I might be working for the competition down the street. A man’s strength is knowing his weakness. Knowing you need help is a strength, not a weakness. Not getting help costs everyone.

Call my office at (717) 232-0494 or my personal cell at (717) 503-0319 to get more details and to set up training today, or make a conference call with your staff. Talk to you soon.

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Sales Training at Your Dealership 

3 Days to Start

9:00am-NOON: Training with half of the staff.


2:00pm-5:00pm: Training with the other half of the staff.

  •  Goal Setting and Investing In Yourself with Prospecting Tools
  •  Mastering The Steps Of The Sale
  •  Phone Techniques
  •  Daily Routine-How To Sell A Car A Day
  •  Holiday Gross
  •  Delivery Checklist-Make An Extra $10,000.00-$20,000.00
  •  Fun Room-Morning Meetings

If your dealership would like to have Fran Taylor conduct training sessions at your dealership, please call him directly at (717) 232-0494 or use the contact form on this website.