What is Your Definition of Success?

Detail of the English word "success" and its definition from the dictionaryDetail of the English word "success" and its definition from the dictionary

Detail of the english word “success” highlighted and its definition from the dictionary

Is it having lots of money? Many rich people are miserable and unhappy even though they have more money than they can ever spend. Is it having a beautiful wife or handsome husband? Unfortunately, those who marry based on their partner’s looks often discover that beauty is only skin deep.

Being truly happy starts from within. It means liking yourself, being proud of your accomplishments and working towards a brighter future. Just as you feed your body with the food you eat, you need to feed our mind with positive thinking and inspirational thoughts and ideas.

With a positive mental attitude, you will start feeling more confident and you will give off an aura of success that people will want to embrace. Wouldn’t you rather hang out with a positive person that someone who seems unsure of himself or negative? Feel good about yourself and watch your sales climb. While product knowledge and selling skills are very important, effective salespeople start with believing in themselves and building positive relationships with others.

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12 things successful people do

  1. Work Hard and Smart. All too many automotive salespeople spend their days sitting at their desk or looking at their inventory hoping that someone will come in and simply buy a car. If you want to sell only a few cars a month, follow that plan. But if you want to achieve real rewards — higher income;  self-satisfaction;  the respect of your co-workers and managers and admiration from your family and friends —  you will need to be far more proactive. 

How do you work hard and smart? First, by engaging in continuous learning and self improvement. Take courses, read books, check out online marketing tips, attend seminars and talk with others that have achieved success. Learn everything you can about the features and benefits of your vehicles, but also about effective marketing and sales. Watch those who regularly dominate your leader board and then do even more than they are doing.

You may want to send out mailers to friends, family and neighbors when you are having a special sale, send birthday and anniversary cards to past customers  or send out regular e-newsletters to your mailing list to let people new of new developments at your dealership, new models that offer special features or what’s going on in your own life.  Joining business networking groups, such as the local Chamber of Commerce,  Rotary or Kiwanis Club, is another way to develop leads. The important thing is to develop a plan of action that puts you in the driver’s seat.

  1. Develop a Positive Mindset. Make the commitment now – “I am going to work hard and smart, I am going to work hard and smart.” Keep saying it to yourself and soon you will find yourself working harder, taking positive actions and becoming successful. Research shows that when your self talk is positive, your subconscious mind will tell your conscious mind what you are saying its true.

When a potential customer comes into the showroom, it’s also important to have a positive mental attitude.  Develop a mantra that gives you a sense of confidence. For example, “I  am going to sell this person a car today. I am going to sell this person a car today. I do not care if he or she is mean or just wants the lowest price, I am going to sell this person a car today.”  When you say to yourself, “I cannot sell this person a car” you have already jeopardized the sale. The customer senses your lack of confidence and is less likely to buy from you!

  1. Make It Happen. Following all the steps in the automotive sales process will help you achieve results. Begin by developing a personal and trusting relationship. Make sure you exchange names and learn a bit about your customers’ personal background— are they married, do they have children or pets, what are their personal interests, how do they plan to use this vehicle? Be observant – look for cues such as a car seat or toys in the back seat. Look for areas of common interest and build on those. If you can offer an honest complement about the person’s clothing or appearance, do so. Too many salespeople start selling vehicles before they even exchange a few words and break the ice – people would rather buy from trusted friends, not strangers.

Talk less and listen more.  What is your customer really looking for?  Try to identify the buyer’s top priorities and any hot button issues. Ask open-ended questions like these, “What do you like most about your current car? What do you dislike most? In purchasing a new car, what is extremely important to you?” Never show someone a vehicle on the showroom floor or the car  until you know the best match for their needs. Nothing is more off-putting to a prospective buyer than a salesperson who doesn’t seem to understand or entirely ignores his or her desires.

Once you have qualified the buyer, it is far easier to find the right vehicle and describe its special  features and benefits. Then, the rest of the sales process, from test drive to closing, falls into place. It continues to involve active listening, building the relationship and reinforcing all the reasons that this vehicle is the perfect choice for this buyer.

While there are a great many techniques and strategies for each stage of the car-buying process, if you keep these top three tips in mind, you will be well on your way to success.

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Are You Hoping to be Lucky Selling Cars?


Have you ever noticed how some people seem to always be in the right place at the right time? And you think to yourself, “Well, they’re just lucky.”
Sure, there’s an element of luck at work – but if you don’t have the skill or the knowledge to take advantage of that luck, it doesn’t do you any good.

For example, let’s say that a customer comes into the dealership, and it’s your turn to handle that customer. You can say that that’s luck. But if he or she asks you about a certain vehicle and you aren’t prepared – luck is not on your side. Who would want to make a major purchase from, someone who is knowledgeable about their product or someone who does not answer their fact finding questions with confidence?

First impressions are everything.

When someone walks into the dealership:

  • SMILE! This simple gesture says you are welcome and accepted here. Every person desires acceptance, and a smile makes them feel really welcome.
  • SAY “WELCOME TO [name of dealership]” and SHAKE HANDS. This is another sign that the customer is important, you are proud of your dealership, and you are eager to assist them.
  • LEAN INTO THE CUSTOMER A LITTLE AND SAY “My name is __________, and yours?”
  • Do not let go of handshake till you get the customer’s full name. Remember it and jot it down! Nothing is as important to an individual as his/her name—getting that right goes a long way to establishing a sense of trust.
  • Find something positive about the person and offer a SINCERE and HONEST COMPLIMENT! Maybe it’s a shirt, tie or a very attractive blouse. Maybe it’s beautiful eyes or a great smile. People are starved for feeling special. When was the last time you said something just to make someone feel good? This is the time and it will pay off!

Does he or she seem interested in having a conversation about the vehicle they are interested in? Do they want to talk about it and ask questions? Then you’ve got them talking. But if they rebuff you, and say something like, “I’m just browsing,” don’t continue trying to start a conversation, of course. That comes across as “pushy.”
Your response should be something along the lines of, “Sure – look around all you like. But if you have any questions, I’m right over there.” Make sure they know where your desk or office is if they decide that they do have questions for you!

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  • They will not teach you this at your dealership

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Lunch Time is Prospect Time


It’s not enough for you to sit in your office at the car dealership and wait for people to come to you.

Going out into the big, wide world and actively prospecting for car buyers is what will get you the sales you want.

One way to do this is to prospect during your lunch hour.

Here’s a tip – don’t go to the same restaurant every day.

Visit a new restaurant a couple of times a week, and engage your waiter and maître d’ in conversation. Get to know them over the course of a few days or even weeks. It’s important to be a “people person,” and show genuine interest in them.

You’ll talk about yourself as well, of course, and that you’re a car salesman.  When the time is right – and this could be within a couple of hours of the same visit or on a subsequent visit, ask that key question, “Do you know anyone who is looking for a new or used vehicle? My dealership has a referral program – you send someone to me and I make the sale, you get $100.”

Then, stop back at the same restaurant periodically, and talk to the same waiters/waitresses and maitre’ d. You want them to know you by name, and actively work on your behalf. Service people tend to be pretty gregarious and will chat with their customers. If anyone mentions they’re looking for a new car – chances are that waiter or maître -d will mention your name!

At the same time, if the restaurant in question has a notice board for business cards – make sure you place your business card in a prominent place. You may only get one nibble out of twenty cards – but that’s a nibble that can catch you a nice commission.

Fran wants to thank you for reading this blog post and assist you to grow your sales and income.


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(Hint) follow it and watch your income accelerate!

  • They will not teach you this at your dealership

  • You are responsible to yourself to constantly improve your sales ability

  • Take charge and get ahead!  Be Number 1 at your dealership.

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Triple Your Conversion Rate with Professional Sales Training

results-driven-sales-trainingWhat is the difference between a “good” salesperson and a “great” salesperson.

The answer, “A good salesperson makes five sales a month, a great one makes thirty.”

But that’s just the statistical measurement.

It’s the process that’s important – the different between a “good” and a “great” salesperson is all about knowledge and technique.

The dedicated salesperson can gain the knowledge and technique needed after a few years of experience and learning on the job – all the while losing potential sales and thus income – or he or she can take courses in professional sales training which will impart the information they need immediately, enabling them to jumpstart their career.

Professional Sales Training

There are some people who are “naturals” when it comes to talking to and connecting with potential customers. They are outgoing and gregarious and as far as “connecting” goes, they don’t need any help.

But being able to “connect” with a potential customer does not automatically result in a sale. Many more techniques and skills are needed to help make that happen, and these are the techniques and skills that a professional sales trainer can impart.

What kind of skills?

Well, prospecting for sales.

How to handle a demo.

What to do and say on a service walk or a walk around.

How to talk with any and every type of potential customer – running the gamut from someone who is just browsing – but whom you want to remember you when they make their decision a year down the line – to someone who wants to buy a car but is unsure what they need, to someone who knows what they want….and also what they want to pay.

One-on-one or Group Training

Professional sales trainers offer a variety of training programs.

Some aspiring salespeople know they need help and seek out a trainer themselves. In other situations, the management of a company may make the decision to bring in a professional sales trainer to talk with the entire sales force and give one or more “master classes.”

Choosing a Trainer

A professional sales trainer needs to be personable – just as personable as any salesperson! – but they’ve also got to have the knowledge and skill accumulated over a dozen years or more of interacting with customers and converting sales.

They also have to be capable of consolidating their knowledge into a form that is easily understandable and implemented by others.

Anyone searching for a professional sales trainer should therefore research who’s available and ask for sample training products to compare before making a decision on who is best to go with.


Learning “on the job” is fine if you’ve got the time. If you want to get your career started on a high note, professional sales training is essential.

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