Triple Your Conversion Rate with Professional Sales Training

results-driven-sales-trainingWhat is the difference between a “good” salesperson and a “great” salesperson.

The answer, “A good salesperson makes five sales a month, a great one makes thirty.”

But that’s just the statistical measurement.

It’s the process that’s important – the different between a “good” and a “great” salesperson is all about knowledge and technique.

The dedicated salesperson can gain the knowledge and technique needed after a few years of experience and learning on the job – all the while losing potential sales and thus income – or he or she can take courses in professional sales training which will impart the information they need immediately, enabling them to jumpstart their career.

Professional Sales Training

There are some people who are “naturals” when it comes to talking to and connecting with potential customers. They are outgoing and gregarious and as far as “connecting” goes, they don’t need any help.

But being able to “connect” with a potential customer does not automatically result in a sale. Many more techniques and skills are needed to help make that happen, and these are the techniques and skills that a professional sales trainer can impart.

What kind of skills?

Well, prospecting for sales.

How to handle a demo.

What to do and say on a service walk or a walk around.

How to talk with any and every type of potential customer – running the gamut from someone who is just browsing – but whom you want to remember you when they make their decision a year down the line – to someone who wants to buy a car but is unsure what they need, to someone who knows what they want….and also what they want to pay.

One-on-one or Group Training

Professional sales trainers offer a variety of training programs.

Some aspiring salespeople know they need help and seek out a trainer themselves. In other situations, the management of a company may make the decision to bring in a professional sales trainer to talk with the entire sales force and give one or more “master classes.”

Choosing a Trainer

A professional sales trainer needs to be personable – just as personable as any salesperson! – but they’ve also got to have the knowledge and skill accumulated over a dozen years or more of interacting with customers and converting sales.

They also have to be capable of consolidating their knowledge into a form that is easily understandable and implemented by others.

Anyone searching for a professional sales trainer should therefore research who’s available and ask for sample training products to compare before making a decision on who is best to go with.


Learning “on the job” is fine if you’ve got the time. If you want to get your career started on a high note, professional sales training is essential.

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