12 things successful people do

  1. Work Hard and Smart. All too many automotive salespeople spend their days sitting at their desk or looking at their inventory hoping that someone will come in and simply buy a car. If you want to sell only a few cars a month, follow that plan. But if you want to achieve real rewards — higher income;  self-satisfaction;  the respect of your co-workers and managers and admiration from your family and friends —  you will need to be far more proactive. 

How do you work hard and smart? First, by engaging in continuous learning and self improvement. Take courses, read books, check out online marketing tips, attend seminars and talk with others that have achieved success. Learn everything you can about the features and benefits of your vehicles, but also about effective marketing and sales. Watch those who regularly dominate your leader board and then do even more than they are doing.

You may want to send out mailers to friends, family and neighbors when you are having a special sale, send birthday and anniversary cards to past customers  or send out regular e-newsletters to your mailing list to let people new of new developments at your dealership, new models that offer special features or what’s going on in your own life.  Joining business networking groups, such as the local Chamber of Commerce,  Rotary or Kiwanis Club, is another way to develop leads. The important thing is to develop a plan of action that puts you in the driver’s seat.

  1. Develop a Positive Mindset. Make the commitment now – “I am going to work hard and smart, I am going to work hard and smart.” Keep saying it to yourself and soon you will find yourself working harder, taking positive actions and becoming successful. Research shows that when your self talk is positive, your subconscious mind will tell your conscious mind what you are saying its true.

When a potential customer comes into the showroom, it’s also important to have a positive mental attitude.  Develop a mantra that gives you a sense of confidence. For example, “I  am going to sell this person a car today. I am going to sell this person a car today. I do not care if he or she is mean or just wants the lowest price, I am going to sell this person a car today.”  When you say to yourself, “I cannot sell this person a car” you have already jeopardized the sale. The customer senses your lack of confidence and is less likely to buy from you!

  1. Make It Happen. Following all the steps in the automotive sales process will help you achieve results. Begin by developing a personal and trusting relationship. Make sure you exchange names and learn a bit about your customers’ personal background— are they married, do they have children or pets, what are their personal interests, how do they plan to use this vehicle? Be observant – look for cues such as a car seat or toys in the back seat. Look for areas of common interest and build on those. If you can offer an honest complement about the person’s clothing or appearance, do so. Too many salespeople start selling vehicles before they even exchange a few words and break the ice – people would rather buy from trusted friends, not strangers.

Talk less and listen more.  What is your customer really looking for?  Try to identify the buyer’s top priorities and any hot button issues. Ask open-ended questions like these, “What do you like most about your current car? What do you dislike most? In purchasing a new car, what is extremely important to you?” Never show someone a vehicle on the showroom floor or the car  until you know the best match for their needs. Nothing is more off-putting to a prospective buyer than a salesperson who doesn’t seem to understand or entirely ignores his or her desires.

Once you have qualified the buyer, it is far easier to find the right vehicle and describe its special  features and benefits. Then, the rest of the sales process, from test drive to closing, falls into place. It continues to involve active listening, building the relationship and reinforcing all the reasons that this vehicle is the perfect choice for this buyer.

While there are a great many techniques and strategies for each stage of the car-buying process, if you keep these top three tips in mind, you will be well on your way to success.

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