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This package includes:

    • Fran Taylor-Best Demo Drive
    • Fran Taylor-Give The Best Presentations
    • Fran Taylor-Meet and Greet:How To Start Relationships
    • Fran Taylor Audio-Attitude Goals and Work Plan
    • Master Program Video Part 1
    • Master Program Video Part 2
    • Master Program Video Part 3
    • Master Program Video Part 4
    • Master Program Video Part 5
    • Master Prospecting Audio-Track 1
    • Master Prospecting Audio-Track 2
    • Master Prospecting Audio-Track 3
    • Master Prospecting Audio-Track 4
    • Selling From The Heart – Managers Version Instant View E-Book
    • Prospecting Video-Cards
    • Prospecting Video-Coasters
    • Prospecting Video-Key Rings
    • Prospecting Video-Mirrors
    • Prospecting Video-Using Pens
    • Prospecting Video-Pizza Boxes
    • Prospecting Video-Spending
    • Prospecting Video-Stickers
    • Sales From The Heart Audio-Part 1
    • Sales From The Heart Audio-Part 2
    • Sales From The Heart Audio-Part 3
    • Sales From The Heart Audio-Part 4

Fran's Complete Program Bundle of Training Products

  • In this LIMITED TIME offer we are giving you all of our training products for one low price that SAVES YOU HUNDREDS over buying individually.  With this small investment in yourself you can see returns off 100-250 times what you spend within the first year.  All you need to do is follow Fran Taylor’s patented “Taylor Techniques” and he will show you in simple step by step instructions how to sell over 30 cars a month with a few simple steps.

    You can’t afford to NOT to take advantage of this offer.

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