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Instant MP3 Audio File Download, includes 4 information packed audio files.

  • Attitudes Goals And A Work Plan:  This audio not only teaches you the importance of the right attitude, setting goal, and a work plan for success, it helps you get there!
    Length 8:49
  • Mastering The Steps Of The Sale:  This audio will teach you how Mastering the Steps of the Sale is integral to your success in the auto industry.
    Length  12:47
  • For People Selling 15 Cars Or Less And BEGINNERS:  This audio is a perfect place to start for Beginners or anyone new to the car business.  It will show you how to get from selling 15 cars or less to selling over 30 cars a month.
    Length  10:23
  • Mastering The Lost Art Of Prospecting:  This audio will teach you about the Lost Art Of Prospecting.  It tells you how with a small investment in yourself you can get big returns with reapeats and referals by using these simple techniques
    Length  10:54

Mastering Prospecting Audio Course

  • Instant MP3 Audio File Download.  This package contains 4 Audio Files covering some great subjects to improve sales and organizational skills.

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