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Instant Download after purchase. 

Package Contains

  • Prospecting Video-Cards
  • Prospecting Video-Coasters
  • Prospecting Video-Key Rings
  • Prospecting Video-Mirrors
  • Prospecting Video-Using Pens
  • Prospecting Video-Pizza Boxes
  • Prospecting Video-Spending
  • Prospecting Video-Stickers
  • Prospecting Video-How You Get Prospecting Tools

Prospecting Video Bundle

  • Purchasing all these videos separately would be $120.  This amazing bundle gives you the full 8 part series of tips on how to increase your revenue with these invaluable tools for prospecting and saves you $40 off the total price!


    Video 1 covers using cards for prospecting.

    Video 2 shows you how to prospect with coasters.

    Video 3 offers uses for key rings in your prospecting.

    Video 4 will explain how personalizing mirrors can help with prospecting.

    Video 5 is about using customized pens as a part of your prospecting tool kit.

    Video 6 explains how to utilize pizza boxes as a part of your prospecting tool kit.

    Video 7 is about how to increase prospecting success with proper spending.

    Video 8 is about how to prospect using stickers.

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