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Fran Taylor is a leader in the field of automotive sales and management.  Using his “Taylor Techniques,” Fran worked as a sales trainer and consultant with automotive dealerships since 1986.  Fran’s “insight” into sales comes from his experience as a premier salesman.  He was employed as a salesman for the number one dealership in his area and was salesman of the month 40 out of 43 months!


This Master Series covers a wide variety of topics that will benefit any level of salesperson or manager regardless of industry experience.  Just ask the countless dealerships and automotive professionals that have all said the same thing “We should have done this earlier!”


We talk about things like: Attitude, setting Goals and Work process and control; Meet and Greet; Qualify; Presentations; Demonstrations; Service Walk; T.O.; Know Where You Are; Daily Routine; Appointments; Follow-Up; Closing; Prospecting; Fun.


This 3 1/2 hours will make you over $250,000.00 a year if you let it!  This product and training sells to automotive professionals for $2,500.00 and more.  You can’t afford to NOT have this training.

Master Program-Everything The Automotive Person Needs To Know!!!


Package Contains

  • Master Program-Part 1
  • Master Program-Part 2
  • Master Program-Part 3
  • Master Program-Part 4
  • Master Program-Part 5After completing the order you will get a link to download all these video files.  Complete download is approx 1.3 Gigabytes 

The Master Program - Everything The Automotive Person Needs To Know

  • The Master Program: Everything The Automotive Person Needs To Know!!!  Save over $150.00!


    Part 1:  includes topics like Attitude, Goals, and Work, Control, Meet and Greet, Qualify, and Presentations.
    Length  58:15


    Part2:  This video covers Demonstrations, The Service Walk, T.O.s, and Knowing Where You Are.
    Length  55:36


    Part 3: Everything The Automotive Salesperson Needs To Know.  We discuss Daily Routine, Appointments, Follow Ups, and Closing tactics.
    Length  1:03:25


    Part 4:  We discuss the Art of Prospecting in this instructional video.
    Length  17:29


    Part 5: More industry insights and prospecting tips
    Length  12:34


    After completing the order you will get a link to download all these video files.

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